Jennifer and Jessica’s Concord/Lincoln Wedding Featured in Brides Boston!

Jennifer and Jessica paddled to their August 2010 wedding at the Old Manse in Concord, MA. It was such a wonderful moment – we were thrilled when Brides Boston chose to feature it in their Spring/Summer 2011 issue!

In the magazine, Jessica says:

I was almost joking…when I suggested to Jennifer that we canoe to our wedding ceremony, but we very quickly decided we’d do it. That day, after the canoe (which belonged to my late father, and was festooned with pine boughs and flowers by family ) was launched into the river, we spent the 10-minute ride paddling in silence, feeling the stillness of being on the water. Then we saw our guests, who immediately started cheering! Now I know that, whenever Jennifer and I go out on the water, we’ll always remember that amazing moment.”

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