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Brooke and Raines’ Wedding at Walden Pond

Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

Brooke and Raines flew in from out-of-state to be married on a beautiful Fall morning at Walden Pond.  Walking with her father, a picture of her late grandfather and a boot on her injured foot, Brooke met Raines at the site of Henry David Thoreau’s house where they exchanged vows before close friends and family.  A few special moments:

Chris and Crystal at Walden Pond

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

It was Chris and Crystal’s first time visiting Boston and they spent a day exploring the historic sites of Concord.  We caught up with them at Walden Pond State Reservation.  It was a perfect morning - beautiful Fall scenery without the summer beach crowds!   A few of our favorite shots:

We took a few images for fun with our infrared camera – a digital camera that was converted into an infrared shooter by LDP LLC. Normal digital cameras have a filter to block infrared light and capture the “visible” light spectrum.  In this camera, the infrared blocking filter was removed and replaced with one that blocks almost all of the visible light spectrum. (It’s a sensor-mounted 830nm filter, for the technical folks out there.)   We liked the effect it had on the evergreens and the water.